Giant Litter Box

Giant Litter Box for Very Large Cats

by Margaret Schill

Finding a large enough litter box for extra large cats, such as Main Coons, Ragdolls, and Norwegian Forest Cats is not so easy. LItter boxes marketed as "extra large" aren't actually roomy enough for very large cats. The cat's body might fit, but the cat's rear end sometimes overhangs the edge of the box with the elimination accidentally landing out of the box. Even litter boxes called "jumbo" are not satisfactorially large enough for giant sized cats. A Maine Coon cat, for example, can reach a length of forty inches (including the tail) and can be sixteen inches tall.

People have resorted to using large plastic storage containers, which work well, though finding one that is wide enough and long enough, but not too high, can require shopping around, or needing to modify the best one is able to locate.

giant litter box But now, there is an actual giant sized litter box available. It's almost three feet long! The Petmate Giant Litter Pan measures 34.7 x 19.8 x 10 inches, giving plenty of room for very large cats to turn around and, most importantly, being large enough so that the cat does not wind up with his back end hanging over the edge of the box while eliminating. One of the wide sides curves down making an approximate 7 inch high "entryway" that a tall, large breed cat can step over easily . The box is high enough to keep litter in when a cat gets energetic with digging in the litter.

The Petmate Giant Litter Pan can hold more than 30 lbs. of litter. It has two compartments at one end to hold a litter scoop. (Do NOT store plastic bags for use while scooping in the compartments because they are a danger to cats. Some cats will chew up and swallow parts of plastic bags, which can result in an intestinal blockage.)

It is made with Microban antimicrobial protection to provide continuous protection against bacteria growth. Made in the U.S.A with 25 percent recycled product.

Dumping out the litter from this enormous litter box is not overly difficult, but certainly is not as easy as with a smaller litter pan. Sliding the Petmate Giant Litter Pan almost all the way into a large garbage bag, and then tilting it up to dump out the litter works well.

This gigantic litter tray also is suitable for multi-cat homes, even if the cats aren't extra large breed cats (though this box is a bit too high for short legged cats to easily get into.) Of course, in a multi-cat home one needs more than one litter box. But if there are a great number of cats, this very large litter box can help reduce the number of individual smaller litter trays.

The Petmate Giant Litter Pan is truly gigantic, and will make extra large cats very happy to finally have a big enough area to comfortably do their "business".




Have a large cat, but not a giant cat? A Jumbo sized litter box might be what you need. The "jumbo" size litter pans are indeed actually large, (unlike litter boxes labeled as "large"). Jumbo sized boxes are, on average, approximately 22" x 16.5" x 7.5" high. Smaller sized Maine Coon or Main Coon mix cats would do well with a jumbo sized litter box, which is easier to empty and wash than the Petmate Giant Litter Pan.


Big Cats Need Big Things

large cat

Milo, a large 17 pound, 16 inch tall Maine Coon type cat.

Helpful products

Petmate Curvation Series Jumbo Litter Scoop

The Petmate Curvations Jumbo Litter Scoop has a nice long handle, and an extra deep scooping area that holds large clumps without spilling. And, it is attractive, with a pink hearts and swirls decoration.

The Jumbo size Petmate Curvations Litter Scoop is 13in. long x 5.5in wide x 2.5 inches high, perfect to scoop what large cats leave behind.

It also comes in two smaller sizes.